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Design Management


Design Management: this phase is the one in which HJK has extensive experience in as a team leader which is often the role assumed by the architect in building projects but not always executed effectively on large or complicated ones.


HJK/Hamish has extensive experience as a design manager. Design management requires identification and/or development of:

  • any preference for the building procurement methodology, be it design-build or the more traditional build only process because this affects the role and subsequent proposals from the consultants and,
  • the design program, set relative to when the end product is required and the project complexity and,
  • professional services agreement contracts which are tailor-made to suit the project procurement and risk (its very important to get them right) and,
  • consideration of consultant resources yet to be obtained and a decision on whether any existing consultants have the resources to continue and complete the project according to the required parameters and,
  • scopes of work for individual disciplines using the CIC guidelines and short list the consultants and,
  • facilitation of the RFP process on a competitive tender basis, reporting and recommendation on the proposals received, and formalisation of contracts.

Once the team is established HJK establishes the design quality assurance protocols, a meeting framework and then works through developing the design from concept to preliminary to developed and finally to detailed design (or as far as is required depending on the construction methodology e.g. if design-build then it'll likely be fast tracked in which case the design will be handed over to the contractor early and before it's reached detailed design status).

Using the professional quantity surveyor (consultant), the cost of the project would be established on an elemental basis following the developed design and a bill of quantities and estimate could be developed from the detailed design. Alternatively (or in addition to), a negotiated price from a suitable contractor can be planned for at any stage. The above process is one with which HJK is very familiar with and has applied through all methodology options in the past.

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If you are a company or organisation with possible need of design management expertise we would welcome the opportunity to discuss possible approaches and to suggest solutions where we feel we can be of valuable assistance to you and your team.


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