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Project Management Services by HJK Management provides property owners, developers, construction companies, local government, schools and public corporations in Southland, Otago and the lower South Island with cost-effective supervision and management for a wide range of projects including of their project planning and feasibility, development and new and renewal construction.


For clients the procurement process is a balancing act between price on one side and performance on the other with one being well known and the other not so. Effective procurement requires significant focus on the performance side (to reduce the risk non-performance) and the added advantage of a focus on that is that it creates a qualitative and transparent process that stands up to scrutiny. HJK is involved in managing the RFT and RFP processes which are required by most publically funded projects. The key elements to this are getting a good understanding around the tender documents themselves and developing and performing the following::

  • A clear understanding of the services or works required i.e. the project outcome;

  • Evaluation plan including the evaluation team, programme and any attributes and criteria for assessment;

  • Act as the conduit between tenderers and the evaluation team members;

  • Conduct completion checks;

  • Open and close separate phases of evaluation as short listing takes place;

  • Evaluation reports and recommendations;

  • Arrangement of peer reviews as necessary;

  • Being communicative.

HJK has developed a suite of plans, evaluation templates and reports that are used on all projects we are responsible for. The weighted attribute and lowest priced conforming tender methods that were crafted and have been used for years by the LTSA are the basis for most publically funded tenders HJK is responsible for. For non-publicly funded projects the requirements can be more relaxed and certainly tailored towards what the client wants. They do tend to be more price focussed because the tenderers and deliverables are often relatively well known.

A particular area of HJK's expertise is in relation to high value specialised plant and equipment. The Wellington Regional Rail Project saw HJK managing the procurement of the HVDC power equipment for the new sub stations on the project. This evolved into procurement of the SCADA hardware, software and interface equipment with the power equipment.

HJK has a sound understanding of several forms of contract and associated contract documents. CCCS, NZS3910, NZS 3915 and FIDIC are forms of contract that HJK is familiar with.

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