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Project Management
The primary service that HJK provides requires an outcome that in simple terms provides the client with What they want, When they want it at a cost that doesn't surprise them. Project management is the process and the project manager is responsible to the client to realise the desired outcome and HJK relies on the experience of Hamish Kidd in achieving this. This is achieved by ensuring suitable resources are in place, quality protocols are being followed and good regular communication is happening. HJK has delivered many projects such as the toilets upgrade for Hillside school, the office building, park and cemetery extension projects for Porirua City Council, the Wellington Regional Rail Project SCADA and Halls freight yard projects for Kiwirail, the Tony's Tyres building for ICON and the NZ Institute of Accountants HO fit out for Icam.

Quality Assurance
The brand new Mainfreight building refreshes the sparse Invercargill railway yard and the west end of Spey St. It comprises a 4000 square metre clear span portal framed warehouse, 350 square metre modern office areas and circa 14000 square metre yard that will service internal freight handling between a train and trucks and external hardstand for large volumes of freight. The design team is Auckland based and the design engineer in particular needed confidence that the structure was built correctly and site problems could be resolved efficiently. HJK was engaged to develop a QA plan and carry out the pre-pour inspections for the structural concrete, high level structural steel reviews and pavement subgrade and layer thickness checks throughout construction from March to October 2012. HJK is pleased to be able utilise Hamish Kidd's civil engineering expertise and to provide this service to remote engineers who have certification obligations which if being done local to them they would normally check themselves but they can have HJK do for them. This achieves the quality outcome required at less cost to the engineer's client than would otherwise be the case.

Engineering Management
Sometimes projects come along that require scoping design, procurement and construction phase inputs on a single project simultaneously in a tight timeframe and this was demonstrated on the Dross Metal Recycling project for Taha Asia Pacific. HJK assumed the role of Wilson Brothers Engineering PM to perform the management of the processing building and other process interfaces within the existing NZAS plant at Tiwai Point. The role was a mix of site management, scope development, management of the design process, consultants and contractors to deliver the brown fields facility and modifications to the NZAS plant. The scoping and design phase included investigation and integration with existing electrical, heated water, and fuel services, planning a heat recovery solution to dry materials via a heated floor and humidity control, integrating a new 12 tonne furnace and molten metal containment vessel handling equipment requirements within an existing operation, overview of the mechanical plant design development so that it and its support structure and services could be incorporated in the building design, a HAZOP study of all aspects of the proposed process and its interfaces with existing operations, and building consent procurement. The site management role continued simultaneous with the above and involved programming, resolving queries, compliance with the NZAS HASE protocols such as job hazard analysis's and ensuring all contractors on site adhered to the requirements.

Construction Programming
The process of de-constructing design drawings to figure out the steps in physically constructing something is something HJK does in developing construction programmes for builder clients. This process does 2 things; identifies the separate tasks and enables allocation of duration and logic between tasks. Examples of construction programming, periodic monitoring and reporting of progress until handover were demonstrated on Southern Cross Apartments, Monvie Apartments, 156 Willis St (Hotel), Century City Apartments for Wellington Construction. These projects were all multi-storey apartment buildings of a medium level of complexity. Other examples include the Rimutaka Prison upgrade carried out by Hawkins Construction and the primarily monitoring and reporting role associated with the West Wind project for Higgins Projects.

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If you are a company or organisation with possible need of project management expertise we would welcome the opportunity to discuss possible approaches and to suggest solutions where we feel we can be of valuable assistance to you and your team.


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